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slider1 is the Most Simple Way to launch your recruitment process

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slider1 is the Most Simple Way to launch your recruitment process

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System Features

Case Studies

  • Shipbuilding

    With the system, our clients employ hundreds of highly qualified workers. From welders to engineers. Most of them emigrated to the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, the UK and Spain. The employees have proven themselves valuable during renovation works, shipbuilding, and other shipyard-related works.

  • Construction

    The system has proven successful in providing a large number of candidates for various construction projects. One project concerned construction of the next unit of a nuclear power plant in Olikuloto, Finland. Thanks to our solutions and specialists' support, many contractors and developers can successfully implement their projects.

  • Manufacturing

    Production plants require constant access to a skilled labour force - with innovative solutions, our Clients recruit the best employees without any problems. We support large production facilities in many countries of Western Europe.

  • Energy

    Investments made in the energy sector in Europe absorb a large number of highly qualified specialists. Companies which make use of our system have permanent access to the best candidates, i.e. through export of advertisements to industry job sites - including

  • Agriculture

    Our system implements a number of recruitment projects for large and medium-sized processing plants and in the agricultural sector. Candidates who have applied for these positions work in such countries as France, Italy, Germany and Austria.

  • BPO / SSC

    We realize how important it is to have access to experienced candidates who speak foreign languages. Thanks to job experts at foreign sites, our system offers candidates even from outside of Central Europe.

  • Health care

    Our clients in the medical industry are provided with effective advertising solutions in many areas of work, such as doctors, nurses, dentists, specialists, assistants. Currently hired employees are now working in Ireland, the UK, Sweden, Germany and many other countries.

Clients about us


"The number of candidates we`ve got is outstanding!" Natalie Dawson, Buckie Shipyard Limited


"It is amazing how much time we have saved." Barona OY, Małgorzata Salokangas

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