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What is the system

Hearing the name you probably imagine a predatory mammal, which, however, is famous for the fact that you can easily tame it. The same is true with our system. This application allows you to "hunt" for the perfect candidate quickly and effectively, and it turns out that it is friendly for user. Why? Because the system not only automatically exports ads to industry services, but also has a rich database of candidates waiting for new jobs. Applications go immediately into the system and are grouped according to particular jobs. You only need to decide which candidate to choose.

Recruitment has never been so easy

Are you too irritated entering the same data for different job services? From now on you only need to add the ad once, and it goes to dozens of the largest portals of the recruitment industry. was designed to facilitate the work for those involved in recruitment. This application enables you to effectively and easily manage the adverts on the Internet and securely store ordered apps sent by candidates. The system can be successfully use by employment agencies, job centers, Internet publishers and companies which look for employees on their own.

Huge range

Think how easy it is - you post an ad in only one place, and it goes up to 3 920 000 people per month. Active cooperation with dozens of sites of the recruitment industry (including the portal,, has enabled us to gain a distinctive position in the domestic market in terms of coverage in the following industries: manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding and energy. Using the system, you save time and money, because only we are able to provide high quality service at an affordable price.

We know that you expect the maximum range and the highest effectiveness for a reasonable price. Check to see if our ad packages meet your needs. in brief:

  • easy and quick to add job offer,
  • automatic export of ads on dozens of job sites
  • integration with industry sites,
  • the ability to manage candidates,
  • registration of user actions,
  • simple and clear interface system,
  • access to statistics,
  • compliance with the guidelines of Inspector General for Personal Data Protection
    and the order of the Ministry of the Interior,
  • ongoing support of marketing and recruitment specialists.

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