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Continuous recruitment and publishing ads


Many companies and employment agencies decide on continuous exposure to ads due to the need for a large number of employees or due to the low availability of suitable candidates for the job market.


In the first case, employment agencies have got demand from the construction industry on a variety of specialists on several contracts simultaneously. Unfortunately, without permanent display ads, you can not find a sufficient number of candidates. Especially when the requirements for them are above standard.


In the second case, our clients in the TSL sector care about permanent exhibition of jobs due to the high demand for International Freight Forwarders. When a company needs to hire  two new employees per year then usually there is no chance to obtain the candidates fairly quickly. Therefore, the solution is a permanent exhibition.


This is a kind of pre-emptive action. Its advantage is that when we have the recruitment project, the company already has some amount of selected candidates. This actions reduce the time pressure and increases the possibility of a positive and rapid execution of the contract. In the case of recruitment for yourself, you can very quickly make up free vacancy, without the need for a bout of recruitment.

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