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Errors reduce the effectiveness of ads


Mistakes in recruitment process

The job offers published on the Internet sometimes have got factual and linguistic errors. Although they are relevant in the context of the perception of the professionalism of recruiter and the image of the company he represents is actually not affect the effectiveness of the defective notice. However, the recruiter usually unconsciously, can significantly reduce it in two ways - using the method of cut and paste as well as refreshing the job.

Copy and  paste

The result of quite commonly used copy and paste in websites is identical to the content available from several URLs (other pages, the same content). Professionally it is called duplicate content (in English double duplicate content or content). Recruiters should be aware that every time you copy all words the text of jobs, they significantly reduce its effectiveness.

Webmasters dealing with positioning systems, and exporting offers advice on how to minimize the negative effects of such a situation. Recruiters should  post information in various places for candidates for a specific position or even change the title and to introduce even minor modifications in the content of jobs.


The second mistake made by HR professionals is refreshing ads. It would seem that this solution has only advantages because it was published some time ago and now it  can be found among the latest ads. Thus, the recruiter communicates those seeking employment that still needs volunteers for the same position as ealier . However, refreshing jobs recruiters  give up the opportunities that offers positioning and exports to other websites. If you put primarily on efficiency you should better re-publish notice of minor changes in the header and content.

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