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How bad reputation affects on recruitment process



It seems that when we compare the same two job advertisements, we can be pretty sure that one of them will be marked as an offer agencies and the other  one as an offer  from direct employer.

It is almost certain that the second one will receives more applications from candidates than the other one.


Why does this happen?

First and foremost  it is all about the reputation. Overall employment  and recruitment agencies have it really strained so it is commonly believed  that they pay less than the company which carried out the duties entrusted to us directly.


The reason for this type of opinion is the fact that at the beginning of transformation in Poland ,the polish market was still in the process of creating its own rules of operation. That time many companies used the situation of the huge demand for labor. Unfortunately, there were not enough tenders compared to the number of unemployment so it was a great temptation for the unscrupulous agencies and companies.


How is it today?

Nowadays the situation is radically different. In certain occupations and industries the vast majority of workers are employed by employment agencies and a situation where people are employed directly in companies is really rare.


Employment agency must earn

Another important rut and not entirely false argument is that wage employment agencies comes from reduced employee's salary. Candidates for work often do not realize the costs incurred by employers regarding to employment management (bureaucracy) and maintenance jobs. That is why many companies are turning to employment agencies to effectively manage human resources.


Terms of the contract are terms of failures?

Employment agency that offer too low prices are not able to hire the right professionals. In other words, if the agency has hired experts on conditions which are acceptable for then would not earn enough to be able to function normally. It often happens that the employed  people who do not meet expected by the end of next employer requirements but only those people accept the proposed terms and conditions. Unfortunately, it usually ends in failure for both sides. Agency loses a customer or contract. Its customer loses at best only time and the employee embittered the situation disseminates negative image of the employment agency.

It is like the situation with the construction of highways in our country, where bidders undercut prices in tender and after winning it they could not find contractors for a fixed price.


The situation which was described above does not happen often but it is worth paying attention to these issues when you negotiate with a potential client who obviously wants to pay as little as possible and at the same time he wants to get a very good and effective specialists. Simply, we usually are no able to reconcile these two things and the ability to keep the balance between price and quality is crucial for both sides.


Nothing will convince the opponents

It is not possible to arouse negative reactions or attitudes even when you full filled with one hundred percent commitment to employees. There always will be someone who will not like something. Those kind of people often pour their dissatisfaction on online forums, describing the so-called "bad practices employment agencies". How to deal with it we wrote in a previous article: How to deal with negative feedback.


Cheaper does not mean better

Price obtaining the contract is sometimes too high. When the agency lowers the price to win the contract  unfortunately it may end with failure for them. The consequences for companies can be enormous. In the best case their  budget will suffer .On the other hand , loss of reputation may increase more cost of acquisition candidates in the future  on such a difficult market.


Partner in recruitment process

In conclusion it is worth to say that while talking with a potential client agencies noted that the high quality of service and security high quality of service and security contracts associated with the increase correspondingly high costs. Often clients are not aware of the risks to the project and related costs. The failure of the agency  is also a loss for the customer, so our partners should realize that the risk of what is behind the low price is too high to make the project a success.


You should also obtain the special branding tools and work on your  reputation. You can do it on your own , work with the appropriate specialist  or use the services of a professional company.


"Quality is remembered much longer than price." - Gucci

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