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How to manage the issue ads?


Each service or ATS system which presented their job ads is guided by their standards and rules, which make data ad reaches more recipients or that it holds longer on first position in the list.

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How to effectively manage the issue ads in the Due to the fact that it is a system that exports ads for other services, the most effective way to ensure that our ad was on the first positions in the search engines will be re-posting the same announcement. As a result, our ad will appear at the top and reach people who perhaps have no chance to read this announcement ealier. This is especially valuable effect in a situation where we have ad dedicated to a narrow audience and we have a small flow applications of published ads.


Another possibility that comes to mind is undoubtedly refresh the announcement but this situation did not get better after position of our ads on other sites to which our announcement was exported.


Another option is to get help from our consultant. He is able to assess what action can still be taken in order to secure a higher or additional amount of candidates. To learn more about this opportunity, check: Support the recruitment process by the Consultant.

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