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Integration of IT systems in the HR industry


The integration of information systems relies on the effective combination of two or more separate operating environments. The result of this combination should be:

  • reducing the amount of work steps performed by the user
  • saving time for execution
  • quicker achieving the final result

 Integration of IT systems in the HR industry

Systems integration is increasingly carried out in the area of HR industry and for internal purposes corporations. This is due to the diversity of systems and functional areas that they are managing. Some of systems are responsible for: managing human resources inside the company, the other for the issuance of notices (job-boards or ATS - Applicant Tracking System) or assessment process competence - Assessment Centre.

There are currently several people on the market called "Harvesters" who are managing most of the recruitment process. But according to the principle where we provide a number of specialized services in one product we usually do not provide effective solutions dedicated to nowhere.

Most companies and agencies have already implemented systems that are very effective in specific areas and after analyzing it turns out that there is no point in naming system to another - more powerful. In this situation, you have to consider its integration with external systems. It is often enough to integrate into a single system with external solution to obtain the desired result. Such an example may be the integration of the internal recruitment system, with the system of export jobs to external sites.

What systems can be integrated?

For the purposes of analysis let’s assume the following definition systems. Internal system for managing the recruitment process (in short - the system) is:

  • created for their own purposes recruitment system
  • type tool implemented HRM (Human Resource Management)
  • implemented ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

These tools are focused mostly following functionalities in HR:

  • create a recruitment project - demand
  • keep a calendar of meetings - the interview
  • take notes of the meetings
  • determination of the respective statuses of candidates
  • correspondence with candidates
  • secure storage for applications of candidates (according to the Inspector General)

The most common integrations:

  • The system <-> websites
  • The system <-> ATS or multiposting system
  • The system <-> job-boards
  • The system <-> career offices
  • The system <-> application Assessment center

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