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Recruitment on Facebook - benefits of integration


Recruitment on Facebook

This month we were able to connect our clients recruitment campaigns with Facebook. After the introduction of the notice by the user to the system RACOON.PRO, not only it is automatically exported to external recruitment portals but also exported in the form of targeted advertising on FB.

How does it look like from the technical side?

When you enter advertisements in RACOON.PRO system, the advertiser selects the industries and profession of the options available on the lists. After saving the notice it goes to the system administrator so he can check it. After its publication the announcement are directly exported. Facebook verifies the selected sector and associates it with the interests and occupation which then binds to employment. This kind of ad is displayed only in the group of people meeting the criteria.

What results can you expect?

You can definitely expect to increase the effectiveness of ads placed here. The solution has been tested in September on fifty selected ads. Average number of notifications increased by 18.28%. A percentage of corresponding applications to searching profile from Facebook source stands at 86% and is the highest indicator of the relevance of all available media. Despite such good efficacy results, the absolute number of Facebook applications transmitted ranks only eighth.

What is the future of such solutions?

Facebook and other media depends on a very good targeting because the ads trafic to a small group that is interested in the ad. Despite the smaller (narrowed) range, the conversion significantly increases aw well as advertising effectiveness. In our forfeiture it means that now we do not need to show everything toeveryone for example. classifieds for jobs for nurses, display them now only to nurses. With those advertising - as researches show - you also reduce the urgency ads and thus fatigue and irritability recipient. It also has a significant impact on the visibility of advertising and ultimately its effectiveness. Targeted advertising message is definitely our future.

Feel free to use this type of facilities. If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact Customer Service at +48 58 350 06 77.

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