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Support for an acquisition candidates with knowledge of English or German



Due to the growing interest of our customers with candidates having a good knowledge of foreign languages particularly English, German and Dutch we decided to focus more on support this kind of recruitment.

What we want to achieve?

Criterion related to foreign language skills now affects the majority of jobs abroad. Unfortunately it is easier to find a good specialist without knowledge of a foreign language than the candidate meets both of these criteria. Given this nuisance, we decided to focus our campaigns and other activities in this regard.Our main goal is to attract a greater number of candidates with good language skills.

Additional campaigns

Our activities are focused on creating dedicated marketing campaigns across channels of communication with candidates. These include for example.

  • Google search - Sponsored ads;

  • Facebook - sponsored ads;

  • Forums and blogs - animating communities;

  • Repair work - Sponsored ads;

  • Mailings - mass correspondence.


Industries and occupations that are at the center of our interest.

  • Industries: manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding, energy, medical.

  • Occupations: carpenter, joiner, manufacture, electrician, welder, fitter, mechanic, operator, locksmith, nurse / nurse.


In addition to being part of a campaign directed at the in / in competitions, there are also campaigns targeting the community with the following criteria:

  • I work abroad and I want to change my job, I know a foreign language;

  • I am at home and looking for work abroad, I know a foreign language.


All our clients are encouraged to increased activity consisting in adding jobs and their refresh. It may help to raise more language specialists meet the criteria.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, then I invite you to contact us via the contact form or by phone - +48 58 350 06 77.

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