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The best are the first days


It happens that the person who is seeking an employment browse the ads almost several times a day. They hope that if their application will be sent as one of the first then it will have more chance to be choosen at the beginning. This creates a clear link between the time of publication and the effectiveness of advertisements.

Graph of responding for job ads

Temporal runoff of application within a month

When I can see an attractive advertisement for sale of a car or an apartment for a reasonable price I immediately raise the question: if the offer is still valid? Similarly, job seeker thinks the same and for this reason he is interested above all the latest information about available positions. This directly translates into the effectiveness of ads employer.

Most applications of candidates appear in the first two weeks of adding jobs in the service. Over the next few days we receive slightly fewer applications but still relatively enough. During the fourth week of publication we notice that we get significantly less application documents.

Next few weeks involve only the occasional declarations which work in continuous recruitment. Because from the point of view of job seekers job ads very quickly lose their actuality, it is important that they are available on initial places in the list of announcements.

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