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The construction of a nuclear power plant in Poland - recruitment employees


Nuclear Power Plan - Polish Project

For the construction of PGE EJ 1 there will be directly involved from 800 to 1600 employees. At least as many jobs places might occur in subcontractors and companies providing services in the area of the construction site. Everything under the condition that actually the construction project begins.

The shape of the project and business model condition will conditioning who and what kind of employees they will provide. This is an extremely important element, because it will generate the greater part of the cost of potential subcontractors.

Workers from Poland

Without a doubt, an investor will require the involvement of Polish specialists to build power plants. During the construction there will be involved many people, for example engineers, steel fixers, fitters, electricians whose total number shall constitute not less than 80 percent of the entire crew.

Poland has got many specialists such as listed above. They were involved in many similar projects in Poland and abroad. It is worth mentioning especially about one of the larger projects which was the construction of another nuclear power plant unit at Olkiluoto in Finland. Subcontractors thanks to  our system which is targeted at the energy sector, acquired dozens of highly skilled professionals who have worked there since 2009. supports recruitment projects within energy sector

Since 2008  the system acquired for our customers more than 50,000 professionals of which not less than 15 thousand just for the energy industry. Our specialists took part in the construction of coal-fired power units in Poland, blocks of nuclear power plants abroad, power grids and power stations.

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