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The importance of employer branding


Employer branding

The process of globalization and the dizzying pace of development of society have a direct impact on the company. Companies must measure up to continued changes and the increasing power of competition to remain at the forefront.

Recently, the company has to face with a deficit of valuable employees and inefficient recruitment process. Nowadays, awareness of the potential employee is much more developed so that he is aware of its value. Because of that, person employed in the company becomes more demanding with expectations to his employer. Strangely it is not always about the money.

One of the possible solutions to the above problems is an Employer branding. It is worth to say that this tool is not able to solve all the problems of the company but it can significantly contribute to the growth of the company's image - as an attractive employer.

What is an employer branding?

Employer branding does not have its equivalent word in Polish and is relatively young compared to other marketing tools. It is connected with the activities which are undertaken by companies that can  build a positive image of the company and create an attractive environment for employee career development.

Employer Branding can be divided into two types:

  • Employer Branding Internal - directed to current employees. It focuses mainly on creating a friendly work environment and opportunities for growth. The activities in this field can include the organization of Incentives, publishing newsletters and corporate investment in human capital, eg. In the form of training.

  • Employer Branding External - aimed primarily at potential employees. The purpose of these actions is to create the company's image as an attractive employer. These include participation in job fairs, active promotion of the company at universities and ensuring effective and brought to the target group recruitment advertisement.

Employer branding and recruitment

Only few of us are aware that the recruitment process tells us a lot about the company. If company rethink this process and will plan it accurately then it can become an advertising campaign the company and even her trademark.

Nowadays, we can see the domination of electronic media in every aspect of life. More and more, people are looking for jobs through the recruitment portals that give employers much more opportunities to actively build the image than the press. What is more,  companies move their recruitment campaigns to the Internet newspaper ads treating newspapers like a  secondary source for applications.

The Internet allows you to create and publish a visually attractive recruitment ads containing not only the content but even graphics and  multimedia. On the basis of the quality of ads, many potential candidates develop their first opinions about the company thanks to that. It is worth to invest in an original design that will stand out data announcement from the competition and make it possible for the candidate to remember just one of hundreds viewed.

Recruitment process might significantly affect the company's image among job seekers. Internet users share their experiences on forums and mailing lists which are often publicly available and well positioned. It should ensure that their opinions were published positive. One of the things that annoys job seekers is the lack of information what is happening with their application and prolonged lack of contact with the employer. So let's answer the tenders received informing individuals about their qualifying or not for the next stage. In the case of extensive recruitment project may become necessary to use appropriate computer program.

The development of electronic media and the increasing technological advancement can help with  reducing the cost of recruitment and employer branding activities while increasing their effectiveness. That is why it is worth to focus on new technology and boldly look to the future.

Using one of the marketing tools - Employer branding , companies are able to be succeed much quicker . Wining and creating a bond with their employees significantly contribute to the growth of the company. Thanks to that they can get tangible evidence of the rightness of taking care of a good corporate image in the market and within the organization.

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