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Tsunami immigration in Germany


                                 Refugees in Europe

Nowadays we increasingly ask ourselves whether the wave of immigrants in Germany may have a significant impact on the lack of jobs for Polish workers. Just three weeks ago the answer to the above question would give hope that the changes should not be too noticeable for our compatriots who want to work for the western border because even Chancellor Merkel did not expect what was going to happen.


Unfortunately, we can not live any longer under illusion – it is no longer the wave, it is a tsunami immigration. About 10,000 immigrants or pseudo refugees from Syria per day are flooding the whole Europe from Germany and Austria at the helm.


Germany faced a new challenge

  • 09/13/2015 Mrs. Chancellor Angela Merkel decides to control the borders with Austria, Polish and Czech.
  • 30/09/2015 by. Bild log information from 05-27.09.2015 about 230,000 asylum seekers / immigrants came to Germany. About 150,000 came after the introduction of border controls.


The German government estimates that by the end of 2015 to Germany may come even 800,000 immigrants. At least 30% of them prove to be a different nationality than refugees from Syria.


The problem will accumulate at the time when there will be real lack of housing for asylum seekers and those who claim to be Syrians "melt away" somewhere in Germany.

Will the current situation affect on working behind the western boundary of the Poles?

There is already a problem with finding lodging accommodations for polish workers. We hear today that the prices for accommodation in certain regions of Germany increased by up to 400%. Owners of apartments which are designed for employees receive proposals from City Offices that are hard to reject them. Instead of 10 Euro per person in a double room city would pay up to 40 Euros! How can you not accept such an offer?


Of course, every stick has two ends. These homes after leaving them by asylum seekers will need a complete renovation and refurbishment. After all, German companies estimate that discussed above situations still will be more profitable.


During recruiting staff to work in Germany we hear outrage that 270 Euros per night per person is the amount far too high. Many people who are looking for jobs where the employer pays from his own pocket for the night. There are also those who expect the employer to ensure that commuting and food!


Experts with experience such as welders, fitters and electricians always find an interesting job in Germany. While those for less skilled positions such as helpers productively may soon have some trouble with finding work because part of immigrants will stay longer in Germany. They will have housing, a lot of motivation to work and a willingness to learn the German language.


The author of the article is Mr. Gregory Przytulski, owner of the employment agency Polen-Allgemein-Service Przytulski UG. He has lived in Germany for 25 years. 5 years he recruits to Germany production workers, welders and professionals from all industries and 10 years mediates in orders for Polish companies in Germany. As he says - to the German move is not enough knowledge of German, you should get to know the German mentality.

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