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What do candidates expect from a job advertisements?


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In the era of widely available Internet you can do almost everything. Thanks to the many possibilities which offers us a virtual network a job ad is still a popular form of searching for candidates to complete the recruitment project.

Although, it is really easy way to reach potential employees this does not mean that they will be interested in that announcement. Daily, recruiters publish several hundred - if not more- job advertisements. Recently, more and more often we meet with the opinion that the labor market becomes a worker market. There are some questions connected to that announcement: which can easily be interested for candidates, which are they valued for them?

Valuable ad

One of the main reasons for resignation from applying for a specific job is too complicated mode of application. Potential candidate does not see the point in carrying out a long form data that previously has included in his resume that anyway must attach to the application. It is well known that created forms can easily fund a database of information on potential employees which later can significantly facilitate the process of recruitment companies. Unfortunately, because of that we can lose the best candidates. Therefore, it is worth remembering that the form should be a tool that completely replaces a resume or it is expected to provide information that was not given in the curriculum vitae.

When we create a job ad it is worth considering requirements that will be enforced in future employee. They should be consistent with the workplace and at the same time perfectly fit into the labor market. The person creating the job description should know the needs of the organization - what qualifications are really sought after by her sought. We must also limit their amount to the minimum because person who is reading such an offer can immediately be put off for our company.

What's more, the candidate expects a job ad will deliver him in short all the necessary information that will allow him to identify with the company. It is in a few sentences to introduce the company and the reasons why we started a recruitment project. Later, the offer should contain key information regarding the required qualifications, tasks - from which the employee will be billed and what the company can offer him for it. Unfortunately, in the last part of ads companies most often "shoot themselves in the foot". General slogans such as: development opportunities, high wages, the possibility of additional training and providing all necessary work tools usually do not make the impression on prospective employees, and even bad they associate!

It is worth to create an effective job ad that will fulfill the expectations of a potential candidate to keep in mind about these guidelines. As a result, our company will have a better chance on hiring the wrong employee, which unfortunately generates additional costs for the company.

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