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What is a Multiposting?


Multiposting means that it is an export jobs to external Web sites (job-boards) in order to increase the range of influence classifieds. Increasing the range should involve an increase of number transmitted applications by candidates. The bigger range is the more candidates learn about the job offer.
How does the multiposting work?

How does the mechanism of Multipostingu work?

Action is based on the channels of communication between websites. Exporting websites prepare for example a list in XML and importing websites take this list and start their emissions at home. Announcement lists are made once a day and at least once a day they are charged.

Where do they export job offers?

Job offers can be exported anywhere integrated into the ATS system (family name online application with a function multipostingu), eg. To:

  • employment services,
  • trade websites,
  • on forums, blogs,
  • employers website,
  • employment agencies,
  • management systems,
  • enterprise systems.

System integration’s possibilities are virtually endless.

What is important during emissions of job ads in the Multiposting system?

RACOON.PRO is a very efficient mechanism able to display job ads on dozens of websites which range in a month may be as high as 4 million people. If the announcement reaches to such a big number of recipients then you should try to make the contents of job ads properly. Please pay close attention to the quality of the offer. Insufficient information about the requirements in relation to the candidate may cause the influx of tens of applications per day. On the other hand, if we include too many requirements in the announcement then it is possible that no one will apply for this position.


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