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What is ATS - Applicant Tracking System?


ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a management system with candidates which often expanded the functionality of export jobs. Its main function is to assist in the recruitment of electronic also understood as a recruitment website. At the beginning of the ATS its use was reserved for large companies and multinational corporations. Today, in the era of the transfer of this work to the Internet every - even the smallest company can freely use this online system.


What features has the ATS system?

  • It allows you to manage the recruitment process -  placing ads
  • It collects and sorts applications of candidates in the database
  • Exports ads on job sites
  • Can provide communication module - recruiter <-> candidates
  • It offers an insight into the candidates sent by the application documents
  • It allows you to create schedules and calendars


The classic description of the recruitment process in ATS

The procedure for recruitment

Is also a ATS system? is the ATS system which is available online in a SaaS model (called Software as a Service). Customers use it in a simple way to configure recruiting which instantly are exported to sites outside of work. Candidates are grouped in individual collections of recruitment. Recruiters can give candidates defined statuses in the process and view their application documents. can be very easily integrated into various types of software and if it is necessary you can use only certain modules and functionality that it provides. It is very important for companies who already have recruitment systems or software to support only certain processes.

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